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President’s Message

President’s Message

Through the last year the recruitment industry has taken a turn to focus on “web hunting” or a “quick fix” I am proud to have a group of people at IMS that believe that new might not always be the best. We are and always will be a headhunting firm. We are a group that is able to provide our valued clients the passive candidate, someone who isn’t pounding the pavement and usually isn’t looking to get out of a situation but rather an opportunity to go to something that will enhance their career path. These are the people we work with and take pride in assisting them to leverage their career. By taking this stance we are able to provide our clients with individuals who aren’t so much looking to do the job but someone who does it. This reduces training time, makes for a smooth transition and the end result being a savings of time and money for our clients and an enhanced career path for our candidates..

Our fees are based on the complexity of the search, the specialization of the potential candidates, and the opportunity for additional assignments. Naturally our clients will want to discuss specific rates, which we will provide during our initial conversation. Each client engagement is offered a multiple fee structure choice and all placements are backed by the IMS guarantee.

Fees are charged only when we are successful in delivering the candidate that our clients have selected, and when the candidate accepts the position and commences employment. Our fee will be effective and applied should a candidate be presented to a client and accepts an offer by the company or its subsidiaries or by any company to which the client has referred the candidate to, within a period of 12 months of introduction.